About Prepper Plus


Prepper Plus, owned and operated by One Marellaka, Inc., is a brand committed to promoting disaster preparedness awareness in the country. Our success is driven by providing stakeholders with high quality, affordable, and relevant products, as well as educating the market to give them a fighting chance during disaster situations. We work closely with industry leaders to provide our clients with the most relevant products and services amid the ever-changing climate conditions that our country experiences every year.


Prepper Plus started in 2014, a few months after Typhoon Yolanda hit our country. Our team saw the need for an off-the- shelf, high quality, and affordable disaster preparedness kit, more popularly known as go-bags, that would cater to families, office workers, professionals, students and the like.

Over the years, our goal shifted from just providing quality hardware to educating the market on how they can protect their families during disaster situations. When extreme weather and climate change come to mind, we believe that the key to addressing these problems is climate adaptability. This entails two responses: first, addressing the root cause of the problem, and second, mitigation of the risk. The challenge that we took upon ourselves at Prepper Plus is to promote climate adaptability awareness through education and providing the tools our clients need.